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The North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA) works hard for its members and strives to be the best resource for the state’s pest management needs. NCPMA is proud of its achievements. The following achievements were accomplished by the association during 2007 and 2008.

NCPMA’s 2007-08 Achievements

  • Retained 237 active members, 39 allied members and 29 associate members (TOTAL 305).
  • The North Carolina Pest Control Education Foundation awarded $18,000 in college scholarships to six member families.
  • Received general membership approval to change the name of the association to the North Carolina Pest Management Association.
  • Awarded $1,500 scholarships to both an N.C. State University graduate student and undergraduate student.
  • Recognized two winners with the Technician of the Year Award.
  • Conducted eight Membership Meetings across the state for members and prospects.
  • Conducted six Regional Education Workshops throughout the state.
  • Conducted the annual Fall Leadership Retreat to discuss how to better serve the membership.
  • Conducted a Leadership Retreat for training of newly elected NCPMA leadership.
  • Conducted the United We Stand Seminar, United We Grow for member pest control operators in November 2007.
  • The Wood-Destroying Insect Accreditation Program has just under 445 accredited inspectors who have successful passed course requirements. The program is currently working with the NC Association of Realtors to market the accreditation.
  • Developed, distributed and compiled a membership survey on service needs.
  • Published an annual membership directory.
  • Redesigned and published six issues of the Tar Heel Pest Management News.
  • Maintained and upgraded our association Web site.
  • Conducted our seventh Mid-Atlantic Conference with National Pest Management Association and four other states.
  • Planned the 58th Annual Pest Control Technicians’ School, in cooperation with the North Carolina State University Department of Entomology. Executed the largest School to date with 651 general session attendees, 143 certification training attendees and 36 exhibiting companies.
  • Conducted a termite Biology and Management Workshop.

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