11-13-08: North Carolina Pest Management Association Urges Citizens to be Aware of Fall Pests

Spiders and other pests can still lurk among our changing leaves 

Raleigh, N.C. – Halloween is over, but not all of the creepy, crawlies have left our state.  The North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA) is educating North Carolinians about spiders and other fall pests that still lurk in our homes and businesses.

“Many people think that summer is the big time of year for bugs and insects, but fall is a big time of year for spiders.  Our member companies receive many calls trying to identify spiders,” said Burns Blackwell of Terminix Company in Greensboro and a board member of the NCPMA.  “It’s important that our citizens know that many spiders they see are not dangerous.”

Members of the NCPMA are highly trained in preventing and treating all forms of pests, including spiders, mice and rats, which are popular this time of year.

“If any person is concerned about spiders they see in or around their homes, they should contact a professional pest management company,” said Kristin Dodd of Carolina Pest Management in Monroe and a board member of the NCPMA.  “Most spiders that homeowners see will be relatively harmless, but dangerous spiders do occur in some places so it’s important that a professional assess the situation. Any of the companies that make up our association are qualified and trained to handle situations with spiders.”

NCPMA offers the following tips for preventing spider issues within the home:

  • Properly store clothing. Don’t leave clothing lying on a floor. Hang it up or keep it in a plastic container. Shake out any clothing that has been on a floor or in a hamper before wearing.
  • Wear gloves or protective clothing when gardening and moving pieces of wood. Raking leaves and winterizing your garden is a popular activity this time of year, so make sure to wear gloves and long pants and sleeves to protect against spiders hiding in leaves and foliage. Also, spiders like to hide in woodpiles and pieces of wood, so be careful when picking up pieces of wood. And make sure to check your clothes for insects and spiders when you return indoors.
  • Consult a professional. Get your home inspected regularly by a qualified, licensed pest professional. Your pest professional can recommend steps you can take to make sure your home stays pest-free. Visit www.ncpestmanagement.org to find a pest professional in your area.

About the NCPMA

Founded in 1952, the North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA), is the trade association representing the professional pest management industry in North Carolina. NCPMA promotes the continued cooperation and success of all pest management businesses in North Carolina.  Formerly, the North Carolina Pest Control Association, NCPMA is the only statewide association dedicated to representing and educating North Carolina’s pest management professionals. 

To learn more about NCPMA, please visit its Web site at:  www.ncpestmanagement.org.



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