1-20-09: Pest Experts From Around the State Gather in Raleigh to Examine Green Pest Management Techniques

Gathering is one of the largest pest control technicians schools in nation

Raleigh, N.C. – Hundreds of pest management experts and technicians from around the state gathered in Raleigh today to hear and discuss ways to help customers “go green” when dealing with pest management issues in the home.  The group heard from Greg Baumann with the National Pest Management Association in his keynote address, “Is it Easy Being Green in the Pest Management Industry?”

The speech was the keynote address for the North Carolina Pest Management Association’s (NCPMA) 59th Annual Pest Control Technicians (PCT) School at the North Raleigh Hilton.  This is one of the nation’s largest pest control technicians schools.

This is the first day of the PCT School, which continues through Thursday, Jan. 22.

Baumann’s speech revealed that nearly 82 percent of Americans want environmentally safe products in their homes, and, according to a survey by the American Home Furnishings Alliance, that nearly 60 percent of consumers are taking steps to make their home more environmentally friendly.

“This year we are offering more classes on the topic of being green in the pest management industry,” said Burns Blackwell of Terminix Company in Greensboro and a board member of the NCPMA.  “Being green in every aspect of life is such a big issue these days and especially in our industry, that we wanted to offer our state’s pest management technicians the latest training, techniques and information.”

As part of this year’s PCT School course offerings, NCPMA has included the following classes to address green pest management practices:  Organics and Going Green, Green Building Construction and the Changing Face of Termite Control.

“As the only professional association for the pest management industry in North Carolina, it is our goal to offer our members the tools they need to better service their clients.  Providing these classes on green pest management practices will help each of these technicians provide well-rounded services to their clients,” said Kristin Dodd of Carolina Pest Management in Monroe and a board member of the NCPMA.

About the NCPMA

Founded in 1952, the North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA), is the trade association representing the professional pest management industry in North Carolina. NCPMA promotes the continued cooperation and success of all pest management businesses in North Carolina.  Formerly, the North Carolina Pest Control Association, NCPMA is the only statewide association dedicated to representing and educating North Carolina’s pest management professionals.  

To learn more about NCPMA, please visit its Web site at:  www.ncpestmanagement.org.



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