10-4-10: Fall’s Creepy Crawlers Can Invade N.C. Homes

Association provides tips for keeping stink bugs, ladybugs and boxelder bugs out of homes

Raleigh, N.C. – Fall in North Carolina means the temperatures turn cooler, leaves change color and pests start looking for warmer places to spend the winter.  The North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA) today provided tips for dealing with stink bugs, ladybugs and boxelder bugs.

“Stink bugs, ladybugs and boxelder bugs are nuisances for homeowners this time of year because they can be found in large numbers in homes and, if not properly treated, can leave stains and foul smells behind,” said Kristin Dodd, president of NCPMA.  “While we’ve seen ladybugs and boxelder bugs in the past, stink bugs are becoming more of a problem this year as their populations have grown in the state.”

Originally from Asia, brown marmorated stink bugs began showing up in North Carolina in 2009.  They are identified by a brown, marbled body in the shape of a shield and by a skunk-like smell they emit when killed.

Boxelder bugs are black with orange or red markings and, once inside buildings, can congregate in large numbers.  They are also known to leave stains in curtains and walls.

Ladybugs, the small bugs with red and black markings, can easily enter buildings in the fall and gather in large numbers.

“Because stink bugs, ladybugs and boxelder bugs are often found in large numbers, the best way to deal with any of these bugs is with a qualified pest management professional,” said Lee Smith, board member of NCPMA. “If homeowners notice stink bugs, ladybugs or boxelder bugs in their homes, they should avoid killing the pests and contact their pest management company.”

To temporarily ease infestations of stink bugs, lady bugs or boxelder bugs, homeowners should use a vacuum cleaner to remove the live and dead bugs from their rooms and immediately dispose of the vacuum bag.

A list of qualified pest management professionals can be found at the NCPMA Web site at http://www.ncpestmanagement.org.

About the NCPMA

Founded in 1952, the North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA), is the trade association representing the professional pest management industry in North Carolina. NCPMA promotes the continued cooperation and success of all pest management businesses in North Carolina.  Formerly, the North Carolina Pest Control Association, NCPMA is the only statewide association dedicated to representing and educating North Carolina’s pest management professionals.  To learn more about NCPMA, please visit www.ncpestmanagement.org.



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