About the WDIR Program

The Wood-Destroying Insect Report (WDIR) Accreditation program is designed to:

  • Promote professionalism in the pest control industry
  • Provide a specialized training option for all pest management professionals
  • Standardize inspections throughout the state to avoid confusion during a real estate transaction
  • Provide a benchmark for all wood-destroying insect inspections

The WDIR Accreditation Program includes:

  • A comprehensive manual written specifically to address North Carolina’s construction types, insects,  and climate
  • An eight-hour training course taught by leading industry instructors
  • Six CCU’s in W-Phase will be earned toward state re-certification
  • Onsite testing the same day as the course is given, proctored by third party monitors

Participants interested in taking this course must meet these qualifications*

  • Be a current W-Phase licensee in the State of North Carolina, OR
  • Be a W-phase certified applicator in North Carolina with six (6) months experience or at least 25 WDIR inspections*, OR
  • Be a Registered Technician card holder in North Carolina with 12 months experience or at least 50 WDIR inspections*

Verification of the WDIR completions must be provided by a written affidavit signed by the company owner/manager.

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