Meet the Board: Scott Canady, Regional Vice President

This month we feature Scott Canady of Canady’s Services, Inc., in Lumber Bridge, N.C.

Scott has worked in the pest management industry for 18 years and has served on the  NCPMA board for four years.

What position do you currently serve on the association’s board?

Regional Vice President

What led you to pursue a career in pest management?

My father started Canady’s Services, Inc., with his brother, Fred, in 1978.  It was the last thing I wanted to do growing up but has been a very rewarding career, and I have met many new friends in the industry.

How do you envision the pest management industry in North Carolina growing in the coming years?

I believe we have seen a shift in consumer awareness of pest problems with the intensive use of the Internet.  The new breed of pest management professionals will be more educated and have to be more aware of the more educated consumer.  Also, environmental factors will continue to influence the way we perform our operations.

Why do you believe the services we provide as pest professionals are so crucial to the public?

I believe the services we provide are essential, and we don’t get the credit for what we do.  Many times people look at us as poisoning the environment or just spraying stuff to kill bugs that they can get at the hardware store, and they don’t understand how much we care about solving their problems.  We are problem solvers and love to solve issues that plague the health and well-being of our customers.

Why should association members become more involved in the association’s effort to strengthen the pest industry in North Carolina?

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall!”  It’s not just a slogan.  We should work together in a friendly but competitive manner.   We should be able to help each other out when we need help without hurting the competitive balance.

On a lighter note, what is your most interesting pest story?

I have two that always come to mind when people ask me.

The first was when I was treating a bar that had a significant roach problem.  When I left the bar and was getting in my truck, I reached in my pocket to get my keys only to find two roaches hitchhiking.  I had to clean another one out of my other pocket before leaving.  Needless to say, I never go to that bar for a drink!

The other one was when I was doing a follow-up inspection on a termite re-treat.  When I reached up to pull back the insulation behind a porch, a small mouse ran across my fingers and startled me.  When I lunged backwards, a cast iron sewer pipe greeted the back of my head and almost knocked me out.


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