Giving Thanks For Pests

It’s a time of year for giving thanks.

Very often, we don’t realize how thankful we are for the pests in our area.  But there are some pests that bring very big benefits that often go unnoticed.

The Top 5 Pests to Be Thankful For:

  • Ladybugs:  Ladybugs may seem like a nuisance this time of year but they also provide great benefits as they eat other plant-eating insects such as aphids.
  • Spiders:  While some species of spiders can pose health hazards, some species of spiders can eat insects such as mosquitoes and flies.
  • Yellow Jackets:  While often feared for its powerful sting, the yellow jacket can also help keep other insect populations at bay.  Yellow jackets consume insects that can damage plants and crops and also eat house fly larva.
  • Bees:  Bees are well known for the benefits that they bring to the environment such as making honey and pollinating plants.
  • Termites:  Most people think of termites as insects that merely destroy building structures, but termites do provide many benefits in nature.  Termites aid in the decomposition of wood debris in forests and landfills, which is especially helpful following a strong hurricane or tornado season.

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