Meet the Board: Doug Mills, Allied Representative

This month’s Meet the Board features Doug Mills with MGK. Doug is a new board member for NCPMA who joined the board of directors in July 2011.

What led you to pursue a career in pest management?

I grew up on a farm and got a degree in agriculture with a minor in entomology.  I have been controlling pests all my life!

Why should pest management professionals be involved with the NCPMA?

There is greater power in belonging to the state association.  You become part of a much larger “voice” in directing political initiatives that effect the pest management industry.  You also become much more aware of the rules and regulations governing this industry and how to manage a business accordingly.     Last, but not least, the knowledge and friendships gained through membership of NCPMA has immeasurable value!!

In your opinion, what is the biggest pest problem that North Carolinians face today?

I don’t know if there is just one…..but the newest pest problem, also one of the oldest, is bed bugs.   This pest is beginning to rewrite how we do pest control!

What do you enjoy most about your job in the pest management industry?

The people!   All the owners, managers, technicians, manufacturer reps., university and government personnel that I have met and work with daily!!   Helping them solve problems and educate the industry and public!!!


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