Prevent Rodents From Residing In Your Home

As the weather turns warmer, homeowners may notice some unwanted, furry guests in their homes. 

Over the winter, rats, mice and even squirrels seek the quiet comfort of homes. Why? Homes are warm, temperature controlled and provide shelter from weather.

After remaining relatively quiet all winter, the rodents begin breeding and nesting as the weather warms up. This flurry of activity is one of the first signals to homeowners that they have a pest problem.

Rodents can carry disease and can cause structural damage to a home’s interior, so it’s important to fix a rodent problem before it becomes a major problem. 

So what can you do if you find or suspect rodents in your home? Call a professional pest management company to rid your home of the pests. 

And how do you prevent future infestations? Begin by inspecting for and sealing any holes and other places where rodents and pests can enter.  It is important to seal all possible entry points, as rodents can enter extremely small holes in walls.


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