A Message From The New NCPMA President

Dear Fellow NCPMA Members,

It is a great honor to address you as the incoming President of the North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA).  I started in the industry as far back as my junior year in high school in 1999 working part time after school hours at Capital Pest Services, Inc. in Raleigh, NC.  I continued working part time through college and began working full-time in January 2005.  I immediately gained interest in serving the association and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2007.  I am so very excited to have finally made it to the top and now serve as your state association representative.

There are many good things to come in the 2012-2013 year beginning with our annual Mid-Atlantic Summer Conference which attracts attendees from NC, SC, GA, TN, and VA for exceptional training, networking and good ole’ fashioned family fun.  New things are in store for NCPMA this year as we plan to launch a brand new website which allows PCO’s easier access to their records, industry news, and association information and activities.  Our association also continues to be a front runner in offering continuing education for its members through industry-based speakers at fall workshops, research-based speakers at spring workshops, and, of course, the annual Pest Control Technician’s School, which is currently one of the largest state schools of its kind!

Our industry is changing rapidly and along with the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, I am dedicated to working diligently to make sure NCPMA keeps it members up to date on rules, regulations, products, techniques and all other important industry related material.

At many meetings, I am often asked, “how do I get involved with the association?” The easiest way to get involved is to talk to a current board member and let them know what aspects of the industry you enjoy most.  From participating on one of the numerous committees, being elected to the board of directors, and serving on the executive council, each step has its own unique challenges and gratifying benefits.  I encourage any member who appreciates what the pest management industry stands for to get involved on some level at NCPMA.

As I always like to do, I want to extend a very large THANK YOU to all of the sponsors of the North Carolina Pest Management Association.  There are so many events that are made possible because the efforts given by your companies.  Members of NCPMA, please make a very conscious effort to thank any representative of a sponsoring company whenever you have the opportunity.  Not only do these companies offer monetary support for our association, but they also keep the membership updated on industry related items.

Again, it is an honor to serve as President of the North Carolina Pest Management Association, and I wish all of the membership a very safe and prosperous 2012-2013 year.

Mitch Taylor


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